Notice:   After many years of service to the Amateur community both trainers together with our exam secretary have retired from their position.  Currently SRC are not able to offer any training for the foreseeable future.

Demand for courses is especially low and together with the RSGB enforcing changes to the syllabus makes it difficult for the club to continue to subsidise this activity.   On line training offers a good alternative to those who may be interested.


There are alternate ways to gain your amateur licence. To help you make your choice, links to other training centres are included at the bottom of this page including distance learning and weekend courses.

During Covid (2020) The Radio Society of Great Britain and Northern Island have been successful in piloting on-line exams that students can do from home.  Together with home based learning this offers a very flexible means of your first step into amateur radio.    For further information



This is a gentle introduction into the world of amateur radio including licence conditions, operating practices.  It is the first level of achievement required to gain your ‘full’ licence.   Our course commences the end of September and completes with the exam the following March/April.  This licence permits operation on HF, VHF and UHF frequencies with restrictions.


This course sets out to give the student a more in depth look into the technical workings of radio, EMC, Licence and Operating.  Course commences early October and completes with the exam the following March/April. Upon successfully passing the exam you are permitted to transmit at a much higher power level than Foundation Level.  


In depth look into the working of all aspects of amateur radio.  Full licence means that you can transmit the maximum legal permitted power.

Sutton Radio Club do not have the facilities to run this course as the commitment from both the club and the individual is high. 

RCF accredited examination centre and RSGB approved instructor and assessors:

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Key Dates: 

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– Courses are run subject to availability of tutors and permission of Sutton Coldfield Amateur Radio Club –

Costs (subject to change):

Course costs vary and each candidate will need to purchase the relevant course book from the RSGB (reasonably priced).  Each student is required to join the club for £10.00. RSGB exam costs start from £29.50.

Useful links:

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