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Tony WilliamsAnthony Williams

Hello Dave,

I can’t believe that it was 1 Year 7 months ago that I tried using the SCRS members forum for the first time, and shamefully nothing since.
Just thought that I would have a look at the site this evening and was surprised how little traffic there was on the members forum. You are obviously trying to keep the site up to date in these strange times and I wonder how many members visit the site?
I still work HF CW a bit, but cannot join the 2m net at present due to lack of gear. Recently I bought a 10W 2m FM rig from MoonRaker for this purpose but had to sent it back because the front end was wide open to all the signals emanating from the local TV mast and was completely blocked ie deaf as a post! Nothing wrong with the rig, just the location.
Cheers for now

73, Tony/G3MCB