The RSGB plays a significant and important role in representing radio amateurs;  frequency spectrum, IARU, EMC, is the only Exam body for gaining your amateur licence.

It represents amateurs with the governing body OFCOM

To become a member:

As a member you will gain access to a wealth of resources as well as RADCOM,  a monthly publication for radio amateurs.


  • Examination Standards Committee Report 2018 18th July 2018
    Follow the link below to read this Report. Examination Standards Committee Report 2018 (9-page/377KB PDF)
  • New service to replace AROS 13th July 2018
    Following an extensive review of the Amateur Radio Observation Service, AROS, the RSGB has decided to create a new service to provide guidance to operators who experience misuse of the amateur bands by others. This service will be known as the Operating Advisory Service, or OAS, and will replace AROS. The change will come into effect […]
  • Ham-designed comms support cave rescue 13th July 2018
    The dramatic rescue of twelve young footballers and their coach from a cave in Thailand was facilitated, in part, by communications technology developed by British radio amateur John Hey, G3TDZ. Ordinary radio signals don’t penetrate the solid rock surrounding caves, but very low frequency signals can do. Around the turn of the Millennium John designed […]
  • International Youth at Sea begins 13th July 2018
    A new cultural exchange-based radio activity, International Youth at Sea, has been organised by the Finnish Lighthouse Society, the Amateur Radio League of Finland, the OH-DX-Foundation and DX University. The first team will activate Market Reef Lighthouse as OJ0C, from the 21st to the 28th of July. The 2018 youth team members are Nuuti, OH1UBO; […]
  • Also in GB2RS this week… 13th July 2018
    The American Radio Relay League, ARRL, is beginning a process with the Federal Communications Commission, FCC, to try and keep non amateur radio satellites from using amateur band frequencies. The ARRL is working to protect amateur radio frequencies against exploitation by commercial entities. However, there are also ongoing discussions to try and define what constitutes […]